About Me

I am a licensed business computer professional with over 20 years of computer related experience.  I strive to provide true consulting services to my customers. I will explain to you in easy to understand language exactly what I am doing. I use tools and methods that are simple and to the point so that my enhancements can be easily maintained by the customer. This is  one of the things that differentiates me from my competition.


I have a degree from Long Beach State in Business Information Systems and Microsoft certification in Networking.


I worked at Orange Coast College for four years as a Computer Operator while going to school. After graduating from Long Beach State in 1983, I worked as a Computer Programmer/Analyst for several large companies in Orange County.


When Personal Computers replaced the dumb terminal I began learning about them and began supporting my department for all their computing needs from upgrades to replacement and installation of new computers.


At home I began building my own computers from scratch with parts I purchased at Computer Shows. I also assisted friends and family members with their computer needs.


In 2002 I moved into Management positions for the company I worked for. I held these positions for about five years until a reduction in force due to outsourcing. I did some consulting in Information Security for a while and then decided to start my own business. I wanted to continue working with computers but not for large companies anymore.


I currently work out of my house. I have my office and garage set up as a computer labs. I spend whatever time that I am not working on other people’s computers doing research and testing new software.

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