Alternate Free Software

Pro-ActiveComputing scours the Internet looking for free alternitive software to replace overpriced, often bloated, and commercial software and in some cases vulnerable software as well. These could be Open Source programs or Freeware.


There is a major push from some of the software giants such as Microsoft, Adobe, Symantec and others to catch and punish those who are using their software illegally. In fact there are rewards of up to 1,000,000 dollars for someone who turns in their employer for using illegal software. The fines imposed can put small companies out of business. This is another reason to look at free or open source software.


This is just a sample of the some of the software with what can be replaced in Parenthesis:


• Operating Systems (Windows)

• Word Processing (Word)

• Spread Sheets (Excel)

• Presentations (Powerpoint)

• Databases (Access)

• Project Management (Project)

• Photo Editors (Photoshop)

• CD/DVD Burners (Nero, Roxio)

• Backup Software

• Explorer Software

• Anti Virus

• Anti Spyware

• Firewall

• Disk Defragmenter

• Intrusion Detection

• Sandbox

• Virtual Software

• Internet Browsers

• Email Clients


In some cases the free software does not have all the functionality of the commercial software but most of the time it has everything that is needed. In other cases the free software is actually better and safer than the commercial software.

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