Computer Upgrades

I can assist you in upgrading your computer's devices. Items I upgrade are:


Hard Drives - I will install your new hard drive. I will also copy everything from your old hard drive over to the new drive so you do not need to reload Windows, Programs, Printers or anything else.


Memory - I can increase your memory which will increase your computer's performance. Keep in mind that Windows 32 bit Operating Systems can only take advantage of about 3Gb of System Memory. Windows 64 bit Operating Systems can take advantage of about anything you can throw at them memory wise.


Video Cards - I can replace your current Video Card with a new card that will allow you to use bigger monitors, refresh your screen faster, and play the latest video games.


Sound Cards - I can add or replace your sound card to allow you to play music or watch movies in surround  sound.


Network Cards - I can add or replace your network card to allow you to access the Internet or home network. I can also install and configure wireless network cards on Laptops and Desktop computers.



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