Computer and Network Inspections

Pro-Active Computing can do a complete analysis and reporting of your computing environment. I focus on three main aspects: Security, Performance, and Reliability.  I provide you a full report of any issues I encounter with resolutions. If any issues are found, you can remediate them yourself, I can assist you, or you can use another third party to assist you. The benefits of our inspection are as follows:


• I review up to 70 different components of your computer that could negatively impact your computing experience.

• I provide a report that details what has failed, the value of correcting it, the complexity of the resolution, the tradeoffs, and instructions on how to correct the issue.

• I will sit and explain each item on the report to you.

• I provide you a list of guidelines on when you should run certain tasks like disk defragmenting, virus scans etc.

• I provide a list of extra helpful tips to improve your computing experience.

• I provide access to lots of free software that in many cases will more than pay for my inspection.



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