Wired and Wireless Networking

If you have more than one computer you probably already have a network setup. If not, I can assist you with creating a network. A network allows you to share resources between your computers. Most people do not take full advantage of all the capibilities a network provides.


Pro-ActiveComputing can assist you in utilizing your network to share printers, do backups, share hard drives etc. I can also make sure your network is secure, especially if you are using wireless networking.


Wireless networks allow your Laptop to be used anywhere in your house as long as the signal strength is strong enough. You can sit in your family room and check your email or surf the Internet while you are watching TV. Wireless networking frees you from always having to be in the same room as your desktop computer. You can also use your wireless Laptop to access the Internet from public "hot spots" such as in a Library or favorite coffee shop.



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