Q. What do you mean by "Proactive Computing"?

A. Proactive Computing means evaluating and configuring your computer hopefully before you have serious issues. Unfortunately, most people prefer to wait until something bad happens before they do anything. Pro-ActiveComputing does not believe that you should wait until your identity has been stolen or your five years worth of digital pictures disappear into thin air. Most people will only call for help when it is too late. Pro-ActiveComputing encourages it's customers to be proactive by adding whatever software or resources are necessary for the customer to enjoy their computers. People spend hundreds of dollars to purchase a computer system and invest many hours getting it set up the way the want but sometimes will balk at spending a little more to ensure their computer is configured correctly and backed up in case of an emergency. Most other vendors work in a "Reactive Mode". Once you have been infected with Malware because you did not have your computer configured and protected correctly, these vendors will attempt to remove the Malware and charge a substantial fee for this service.


Q. What sets you apart from your competition?

A. I am an independent business computer consultant and have been working with computers in some capacity for over 25 years. I am not a young person fresh out of a technical school like most of my competitors.

I have been a Senior IT Manager for a large company and have excellent communication skills. I can communicate at all levels from assiciates to the CEO. I am patient and speak slowly in Layman's terms so that customers can understand what I am doing for them.

I love what I do and enjoy helping people be successful with their computers. I could make a lot more money working in the Corporate world but I prefer doing this. 

I spend my spare time learning more about how to keep computers safe and running at their peak performance levels. 

All of the software and utilities I use and recommend are free of charge which can actually more than pay for my services a lot of the time.

I work out of my house so my overhead is low which is why my fees are so competitive.

I have a business license and this is what I do for my profession.


Q. Who do you recommend use your service?

A. Unless you consider yourself a computer expert and spend a great deal  of time doing the research I do, then I would recommend my service. I am pretty sure that I will be able to find things that most people are not aware of unless they put in the time and effort. As they say "You don't know what you don't know". There are new threats coming out all the time and if you are not keeping up, then your computer will be vulnerable. I do the research so you don’t have to. Microsoft tries to make computing simple by default. While this would be good in a perfect world it also makes it very easy to exploit your computer.


Q. I just bought a new computer so why would I need your service?

A. Someone with a new computer is actually a prime candidate for my service for several reasons. One, most vendors do not set up the computer's security to anywhere near what it needs to be. Also, the things you will learn from my service will greatly assist you in keeping your computer running like new for years. Without the service you will be surprised how quickly your new computer becomes sluggish.


Q. I already have a anti virus program, what more could I possibly need?

A.  An anti virus program is important but will not protect you and your assets from all the various malicious software that is floating around on the Internet. Anti virus programs do nothing to protect you from hackers either. And you need to know that not all anti virus software is created equal. There are some very good anti virus programs and there are also some very poor ones that offer little protection. Pro-ActiveComputing keeps up with the latest testing to determine which products are performing at the highest levels. 


Q. After using Pro-ActiveComputing will I be 100% safe?

A. There is no such thing as being 100% safe except by not even using a computer. Even huge companies that spend millions of dollars on security get hacked into by professionals. Pro-ActiveComputing uses industry best practices to "Limit" your risk to potential dangers. An example would be that you can have alarms, kill switches, steering wheel locks etc on your car, but a determined and experienced thief would still be able to steal your car. This is not to say that putting the measures in place is not a good idea. There is no silver bullet. Using a combination of technologies along with common sense items is the key to staying safe. The idea is to thwart the majority of threats by using common sense and the appropriate software. Keep in mind there are hundreds of tweaks you can perform to make your computer safer but the more you do the more unusable the computer becomes. It is important to balance risk verses usability when securing your computer. Pro-ActiveComputing takes into account this theory and provides the biggest bang for the buck items but will also make you aware of more detailed enhancements you can make if you choose. But, if you do not keep up with updates and backups then all the protection in the world will not be enough. Like most security, it is not about making your computer 100% safe. It is making your computer harder to exploit than the next persons. 


Q. Is some protection better than no protection at all?

A. Actually, some protection could be worse than no protection if it allows you to drop your guard. An analogy would be using cheap sunglasses. By using cheap sunglasses that do not block out the harmful effects of the sun you are actually hurting your eyes more because you leave them wide open thinking you are safe. When in fact no sunglasses are actually safer because you would at least squint to protect your eyes when you are not wearing sunglasses. Many people believe that as long as they have Anti-Virus software on their computer they are safe. Nothing could be further from the truth! There are many threats that Anti-Virus software can not detect. There is a combination of hardware and software that is required to protect yourself. Please see our Threats page for more information.


Q. Will adding security software slow down my computer?

A. Computer Security is a double edged sword.  More effort is required just like security for your house or car. You will use more computer resources to keep you safe but that is the price you must pay these days.

This is big business for criminals. No longer do they have to enter your house or business. They can steal from you right from you the comfort of their own homes.


Q. What are you hours of operation?

A. Please see my Contact page.


Q. Is there any chance you will damage my computer?

A. Computers are extremely complex and any change can disrupt them. I am  using only tested software that should not cause any damage to your computer. I can NOT guarantee that nothing will happen. Computer Software is much like prescription drugs, there are always side effects. Just like when taking prescription drugs you need to decide if curing one issue is worth the risk of possibly creating other issues. I can do a full system backup of your computer at your request before any work is performed if you have not already done one. Please see my Disclaimer page for more information.


Q. My sister’s cousin’s brother in law knows about computers, why should I use you.

A. This is my niche. This is all I do and so I do it well. Many people can add a hard drive or upgrade memory to a computer. What I do is specialized work that I have spent hundreds of hours doing research and testing to provide a quality product that is worth paying for. The knowledge, utilities, and software alone is worth many times what I am charging for this service.


Q. Do you have any references that I can speak with.

A. Yes, I have a number of customers that I can put you in touch with. Just ask.


Q. What are your credentials?

A. I have 25 years of computer related experience. I have done programming, hardware, software, networking, project management, and Management. I supported the PCs in my department of 60 employees.



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