Using the Computer today is more dangerous than ever. Hackers stealing your personal data, viruses and malicious software that can slow down damage, or take over your computer are just a few of the threats that make using the computer today such a risk. Remember, Computers do not discriminate. Everyone that is not protected is at risk regardless of where you live, how much you make or anything else. These threats are increasing in volume and sophistication every day. Are you and your computers keeping up? Be proactive and don't be another victim! Pro-ActiveComputing uses a proactive program to mitigate your risk by providing you the tools and knowledge necessary to make computing safe, reliable, with the performance you need.


What are the risks of having a computer that is not properly protected:

• A hacker can get full control of your computer to read or delete any file they choose.

• A back door can be set up to allow easy entry to your computer at any time.

• Your computer could be compromised and used to attack other computers as part of a zombie network. This can use up your bandwidth and slow your computer down.

• Your computer could be used to send spam to other computers.

• Your computer could be used to traffic child pornography with all traces leading to you.

• Your computer can be used to spread viruses and worms.

• Your bank accounts and other private data could be stolen.

• Information taken from your computer about you could be used for identity theft.


Keep in mind that security and convenience are on the opposite ends of the spectrum. If you were to look at it in a graph you would see that is you increase your security you would be lowering your convenience. The same is true in regards to risk vs. complexity. As you lower your risk by increasing your security, you will also be adding complexity.


Please click the links below to get more information about each of these threats and how they can impact you.




Trojan Horse







Zombie computer

Online Predators

Zero Day vulnerabilities




Browser Hijacker

Identity theft

Lost Data

Computer crashes

Computer lockup(hang)


Don't wait to become a victim

The threats are real. Every day thousands of people are infected with viruses, have their identities stolen, and data on their computers are being compromised. The sophistication of these attacks is increasing every day. There is no virus protection against Zero Day vulnerabilities because there is no signature to verify against. Key loggers are loaded by hackers that steal your Bank Account Ids and Passwords. Root kits hide all this activity so you don't even know it is happening. Computer thieves like any other thief will always search out and victomize the easiest targets. You lock your house and car to protect them, so you should also lock down your computer to protect your data assets. Think of the Internet like you would a mine field. Click on one wrong link or open one wrong email and your computer will have been comprimised. While there is no 100% solution, there are many things you can do to protect yourself. Pro-ActiveComputing spends hundreds of hours learning about these threats and ways to deal with them. Remember, "an ounce of prevention is worth a ton of cure".

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