Pro-ActiveComputing is in the business of providing computer consulting services to it's customers. Pro-ActiveComputing does not sell any hardware or software and therefore provides no warranty for any hardware or software product either recommended or installed. Due to the nature of the consulting business and lack of resources, Pro-ActiveComputing does NOT provide any type of free technical support services. All services are based on time and are billable at an hourly rate.  Pro-ActiveComputing kindly asks it's customers to respect it's time by only calling or emailing for appointments for services only. It is the responsibility of the customer to verify that they are comfortable with any modifications made by Pro-ActiveComputing before completion of all billable services.


Pro-ActiveComputing strives to create the most efficient, reliable and safe environment for your computing enjoyment. There are however factors that are out of the control of Pro-ActiveComputing such as vendor hardware and/or software conflicts. There are thousands of hardware and software components that do not always function properly together. It is impossible for hardware vendors and software publishers to test their products with every combination of hardware/software that is on the market. There will be times when resources are attempting to be used by multiple hardware or software components that cause conflicts which result in lockups, slow downs, or the infamous “Blue screen of death”. Every piece of hardware and software have bugs, conflicts with other products, and limitations. It is just a matter of how many and how critical these issues are. Pro-ActiveComputing does NOT provide and warranty nor customer support for any of these issues. All work for trouble shooting will be done at a billable rate.


All software recommended by Pro-ActiveComputing is considered free for personal use as either "Freeware" or "Open Source Code". Pro-ActiveComputing does not develop not distribute software and provides NO warranty for any software product that is recommended or installed at the customer's request. Most if not all of this software is not supported which is why it is free. Customer's use all this software at their own risk. Pro-ActiveComputing takes great care in using software that should be free from malicious software but since we do not have access to the source code we can not guarantee that it is free from malicious software. Pro-ActiveComputing attempts to only download and use software from reputable download sites.


There is no such thing as being 100 percent safe while using the Internet. While Pro-ActiveComputing can greatly minimize your risk, we can not prevent customers from downloading malicious programs into their computers or from opening emails that contain viruses and therefore can not be responsible for customers computers. There are new threats being created every day that there may not be recommended protection for.  Pro-ActiveComputing does not guarantee in any way that you will not be infected with a virus or other piece of malicious software after services are rendered. What Pro-ActiveComputing does promise is that it will recommend  industry standard best practices to limit your risk as much as possible.


Computers are made up of electronic and mechanical devices that can fail at any time. Pro-ActiveComputing will do the best it can to limit any damage to your computer and network while performing services. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that all data is backed up prior to any work being performed by Pro-ActiveComputing. Pro-ActiveComputing will provide backup services by making an image of your hard drive for the customer if requested for a fee. Should any problems arise with any software installed or if the customer is not satisfied with the services provided, Pro-ActiveComputing at the request of the customer will restore the customer’s computer to a state before and work was performed for no extra fee. Fees for services already rendered will not be refunded unless approved by Pro-ActiveComputing due to gross negligence by Pro-ActiveComputing.


Computer Security is a "double edged sword". To keep your computer safe requires effort on the customer's part as well. Use of firewalls require you to "teach" your firewall software what is allowable and what is not. There are also patches, updates, and definitions that need to be kept up to date on a  regular basis. Passwords need to be used and additional security software will impact the performance of your computer to some degree.



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