Backup Strategies and Data Recovery


There is nothing more important when using a computer than the backing up of your data on a regular basis. Should a disaster stike, insurance can replace your computer but they will not be able to replace your pictures, songs, financial data etc. It is up to you and only you to make sure you have your data should the need arise.


Please keep in mind that the hard drive on the computer is a mechanical device that can fail at any time. It is not a matter of if, but a matter of when. Some hard drives last for years of trouble free service while others can fail within months. Even if under warranty, the manufacturer will only replace the hard drive. It is up to you to have your data safely backed up.


There are many other factors that can make life difficult if you do not have your data backed up. You could have a serious virus that could render your computer unusable. Your computer could be stolen or destroyed in a fire. All of these scenerios need to be covered in your backup plan.


Pro-ActiveComputing can assist you with establishing and executing a backup plan that will ensure that when the need arises, you will have your data and be able to restore it to your computer.



If you have backed up your data correctly, restoring the data should be fairly straight forward. If your computer crashes and you need to re-install all your software and reload your data, I can assist you.


If you have deleted a file by accident and want to recover the file, I may be able to help. When you delete a file it is not really deleted. It is simply flagged for delete so that Windows can resue the space. As long as you have not made too many changes, it may be possible with special utilities to recover your deleted file. It it even possible to recover whole hard drives that have been formatted.


If you have data on a hard drive on a computer that is no longer working I can usually retrieve all your data as long as the hard drive itself is not damaged.



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