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• I am a licensed professional that has over 20 years of computer experience.

• I only charge $75 per hour for residential customers and $85 for businesses.

• This is my full time profession not a side job.

• I work alone and will not be sending technicians right out of technical school to be practicing on your computer.

• I also work evenings and weekends.

• I provide in home same day service for most issues so you don't have to disconnect your computer and leave it at a shop for a week or more.

• I have a large number of customers as references.

• I provide free state of the art security software to protect you from today's threats.

• I provide access to lots of free software that in many cases will more than pay for my services.

• I am reliable, knowledgeable, and patient. I will explain in language you can understand what I am doing and why. 







The Personal Computer is unique in that it is not only a valuable tool but also a source of entertainment. While it can be wonderful in each of these aspects, it can also be a great source of danger and frustration if not configured correctly and properly maintained. Most people do not have their computers configured correctly for a variety of reasons. Even new computers are not configured as they should be most of the time. They either lack important security software or are bloated with trial software that can slow the computer down considerably. Computer Maintenance is another important aspect that is frequently overlooked. If you do not maintain your computer it will slow down and eventually fail.

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